Porsche Cake

May 18, 2011

I figured it would be pretty tough to make a car cake, but I felt up for a challenge so attempted it for my favourite porsche fan on his birthday. Getting the general shape and covering it with fondant were both a bit tricky, but I think it worked out pretty well. I consider this to be pretty lucky, especially since the thin pieces of fondant I used for the doors, hood, windows and such just happened to mask most of the mistakes I made applying the fondant initially.

Once the basics were done, it was especially fun – I really enjoy all the little details.  It also made me very happy  to put a painting of a road behind it to take some pictures – all the images I was googling as references had a nice landscape in the background so it just didn’t seem complete without it!


CNIB Cupcakes

May 02, 2011

These are little cupcake brownies for our CNIB’s Vision Health Month kick off lunch (http://www.cnib.ca/visionhealthmonth).  Remember to wear your sunglasses, get your eyes checked regularly and eat healthy (a mini brownie here and there is probably ok) to protect your vision!


Spring Cupcakes

Apr 14, 2011

These are peanut-butter brownie cupcakes with royal icing flowers. I hadn’t worked with royal icing before, but have seen some amazing creations in it so I thought I’d try it out.  It was fun to work with, the little flowers I made dried solid, and were really easy to stick in the icing. The only down side was that they were quite delicate, in the end I think I was one for one breaking and using, so if you try make extras!


Tool Box Cake

Apr 05, 2011

My friend and I made this fun old-school tool box cake for her husband’s birthday.  He’s a carpenter who has hand crafted many amazing things for others, so his lovely wife thought it would be nice to make something special for him. We made a chisel, measuring tape and planer to go inside, then added what we hope looks a bit like wood shavings (turns out it is harder to get big curls with white chocolate than we thought).  The edges of the box and the planer are all made with thin sugar cookies we made to size and covered in fondant. Although it worked pretty well, most peices broke in the process at some point, but could be adequately reinforced with icing or stayed together enough once the fondant was on. The tape measure was made with rice crispies, and the chisel with moldable candy, each the covered with fondant. Using bases like these made for relatively easly molding, but the down side was that they were still relatively pliable in their finished state. The handle  is also a sugar cookie which we had initially intended to cover to look like wood, but the chances of it breaking seemed pretty high, so once we got it in we figured we’d just leave it as it was.  In this cake I’m voting the handle as the most likely thing to break before the birthday fun – it is definately of no  functional benefit as  the name might suggest!

Great job with the cake Sheila, and Will, I hope you have a great birthday!


Sail Boat

Mar 27, 2011

My nephew turned one this past week and these are the treats I made to celebrate him!  The cupcakes were Vanilla with vanilla buttercream icing.  I usually use my Wilton 1M tip for  the swirly cupcake icing but thought it looked a little too fancy for a little boy so instead I opted to just use my icing bag with nothing at the tip.  I’m not sure if that’s how most people do it, but it worked for me.

I tried writing the birthday boy’s name on the side of the cake with some leftover white buttercream, but didn’t like how it turned out so I wiped it off with a wet paper towel – one of the many reasons I love working with fondant!!  I was pretty excited with how it all turned out.  What a fun cake to make!


Jr. Mints

Mar 13, 2011

I was on the fence between a running shoe and this for joycee’s birthday, and in the end the simpler idea won out (sorry joycee, but last year your cake fell apart before it left the house, so i thought i’d play it safe this time). This is actually a big brownie rather than cake. I figured with a shape like this a brownie would work pretty well, and brownies are just so dense and moist and wonderful.  Since the shape was simple I thought I’d put a bit more work into the logo. I like working on logos, I did this one the same way i did the CNIB logo by using a very sharp, very tiny knife to cut around a template. The freehand writing could have been a bit more polished – I can work on that for next time. Had I exhibited some self control I could have used actual jr mints on the bottom corner, but I ate them instead so made those out of chocolate – also something I can work on for next time.


Just for Fun!

Feb 12, 2011

So, I decided to make a little cake for myself and for my friend Jay whose birthday is just before mine.   I’ve always had a bit of trouble with “manly” looking cakes, but this added an extra challenge of trying to make one cake for myself AND Jay.  How to do a cake that is manly AND girly at the same time?  So, I’ve attempted to make the bottom portion in honour of Jay and the top portion a bit cuter to satisfy my own girlie-ness, while still co-ordinating colours and patterns.  My husband suggested I did not succeed in making it  “manly” after all.  Well… I tried! The pink cake is covered in buttercream and fondant.  The brown cake is just the complimentary icing from the chocolate zucchini cake recipe (found here:  http://www.suite101.com/content/dairy-and-egg-free-chocolate-zucchini-cake-a129222) I just got it as smooth as possible hoping to  match the fondant look of the top one.


Castle Cake

Feb 09, 2011

My niece celebrated her 2nd birthday this weekend so I thought a little princess castle would be quite cute. I thought at first that I could make the pillars by stacking circles of cake, but that didn’t work at all – it’s tricky getting something that tall and narrow to be sturdy.   I ended up stacking Oreos which worked really well but is not too practical for eating – I like Oreos – but that’s a lot of them!


Pretty Pink and Silver

Jan 02, 2011

My little girl recently turned 2 and we decided to do a pink and silver birthday this year!  There were two firsts for me this time around: I used poured fondant on the large cupcakes and I used shimmer powder to make the silver.  I loved using the shimmer powder but I wasn’t overly impressed with the poured fondant.  It definitely gave a nice smooth surface although it was hard to get it perfect.  It was interesting to try, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it in the future!  To make it all I did was make regular fondant and melt it in the microwave, then I dipped the cupcakes in!


Winter Wonderland

Dec 11, 2010

This cake makes me smile!  It’s a fancy little cake for a Ladies’ Christmas Gala to be held this weekend.  I was given free reign to make whatever I wanted and so I came up with this idea.  It was actually inspired by a picture of an igloo cake that I had seen Martha Stewart do.  I might try an igloo cake one of these days but that one would have required me to make little fondant penguins and after a busy week I thought I better stick with something a little more simple!  Here are a couple of close up photos so hopefully you can see the sparkly “snow.”

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