A Birthday for my Princess

Jan 01, 2012

It seems like I’m always down to the wire these days – especially with 3 sick kids at Christmas – but a birthday is still a birthday!  And a girl needs cake!!

This cake was meant to be the top of a bigger cake, and it was also meant to have a “frilly” buttercream icing effect.  Like this: (Found here. )


I think my first mistake was not making swiss meringue buttercream icing (also found here) in favour of a naturally coloured blackberry icing recipe that I found.  Either way this technique did not end up being as quick and easy as I thought it would be, so, letting myself off the hook (3 year olds are very forgiving!) I just started to empty my icing bag by squeezing it all out (with a leaf tip) onto the top of the cake so I could just spread it out and make it plain.  But as I squeezed I accidentally got this almost-rose-shaped icing that I thought looked pretty fun- so I went with it!



It turned out to be a pretty little cake for my sweet birthday girl!


United Way Christmas

Dec 02, 2011

We had a really nice Christmas Party / United Way fundraiser wrap up today at work, so a friend and I made this for the potluck.  No new techniques really; used cookie cutters for the snowflakes, painted the United Way logos, and piped on royal icing details. I was originally going to make cookies too, and the logo circles were intended to go on the cookies, but last night it became quite apparent there was not enough time for that to happen, so on the cake they went.


Halloween Cupcakes

Oct 31, 2011

These are the cupcakes I made for my little Shrek  and his class at school on Halloween!  They were actually super simple and quick!  It’s just plain old white buttercream icing and for the mummies I used a #47 wilton tip to randomly place the “wraps” all around the little royal icing eyes (which I didn’t make – they’re from wilton too!).  For the ghosts I used a #12 tip at a 90 degree angle and made little plops which I just added eyes and a mouth to with black icing.  My favourite part by far is how happy these little guys made my little guys.

They were so much fun to make that I quickly made some more to hand out to our neighbours as we go trick or treating tonight!  A fun little idea I got from an old story about St.Patrick and Halloween nights of old. (found here) I hope this goes over well and that the neighbours like them!

 I often get asked for my recipes so here’s where to find them: Chocolate cupcake recipe care of allergies @ suite 101 and the vanilla cupcakes care of  Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.


Pumpkin Cookies

Oct 19, 2011

I guess they are actually chocolate cookies with a pumpkin on them. I rolled out fondant really thin and used a cookie cutter for the pumpkin, then used royal icing for the details. Made a bunch this week for a United Way fundraiser.



5 Already!

Oct 08, 2011

This post is a little late (it seems I’m always a bit behind these days, but better late than never!)  My little  big guy turned 5 and at first decided he wanted a back yard mini putt party  ( for which I had a great idea for cake/cupcakes!) but later changed his mind to a Buzz Lightyear party (for which I had no good cake ideas – especially at the last minute!) So, we compromised  and had  a Buzz Lightyear Golfing party. I got to make make my Golfing cakes and he was happy that I stuck a little Buzz Lightyear onto a cupcake for him!  Hooray.  Nothing Fancy this time, but for the night before/morning of his party I think I pulled it off alright!  Here’s how they turned out!

…and some cookies too – why not?!
Happy Birthday to my favourite little boy!






Baby Shower

Sep 20, 2011

We had a baby shower for my little sister this weekend, and I had the privilege of making the desserts. I thought I’d try to develop my painting with food colouring skills, and I was really pleased with how polished it ended up looking. The only down side was that it was pretty time consuming, so I kept the carrot cake pretty simple.

I made 2 different kinds of ‘thank you’ cookies, one with a little duck, and the other with a painted bit in the corner to match the painting on the chocolate cake. I learned lots about how to get a smooth, opaque surface with royal icing, and about painting with food colouring on this surface. I feel like I learned lots during this little project!



Charger Cake

Sep 19, 2011

Friends of mine like to restore Chargers together, and they asked me to make a cake on which they could put a model of their newly restored car for their wedding. It happened to be very humid the day before, and the day of the wedding, which made this a bit tricky, but think it turned out pretty cute anyway. The little cartoony trees were made out of sugar cookies wrapped in fondant with little royal icing leaves on them, the exit sign was straight fondant, and the just married sign was made with royal icing on a cookie. The cake itself was half chocolate and half vanilla.

It was a super fun wedding, thanks for letting me be apart of it!


25 Years

Sep 13, 2011


I made this cake to celebrate the 25 years my supervisor has worked at CNIB  – which is really something to celebrate – she has inspired, helped, encouraged and supported so many people over those years.


An Extra Special Cake

Aug 16, 2011

The other cake I had the privilege of making this weekend was a cake for my dearest LISA!!  How exciting (and a little pressure, haha!) to make a cake for my bestie and blogging buddy!  This cake was inspired by a couple of photos I’d seen of a turquoise party.  I wanted to keep it simple and beautiful and festive – just like Lisa!  Here are some photos of the cake (chocolate and vanilla with vanilla icing, chocolate filling vanilla and fondant) and one of the party (see if you can spot the tiny little cake in the background!)  What a special evening!!

Happy, happy birthday Lise!!


Camp Fire Adventures

Aug 16, 2011

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted a cake (or made a cake for that matter) and that is due mostly to the addition of  another beautiful baby girl to our family!  I’m a little rusty but I had the privilege of making a cake for two of my most favourite people who both had birthdays this weekend!!  So, here’s a question, How old is too old for a birthday party theme?  My husband turned 31 this year and we had some friends over for a bonfire…  and since hubby hasn’t ever gotten a special birthday cake from me (by his own request, haha!) I decided to see if I could make a camp fire cake for him!  I was definitely out of practice – but here’s my attempt at a manly camp fire cake!  It was a graham cracker cake with marshmallow filling and chocolate icing!  (too theme-y??) YUM!

I used marshmallow “fluff” from the grocery store to save me some time on the filling – but I won’t use it again.  It was VERY messy and even though I added icing sugar to stiffen it, it still leaked out of the cake and oozed everywhere.  (not shown here are the cute cupcakes I made too with a marshmallow fluff swirl on top that completely collapsed over night and oozed everywhere! So much for short cuts!


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