Mar 28, 2012


This was a fun little cake for my nephew’s 2nd birthday!  It was fun and turned out cute …but was just one of those cakes that had a few technical issues!  This cake had 3 layers and I used pudding in between the layers which seemed to make the whole cake kind of jiggly and not very stable.  The next issue was the buttercream icing… in an effort to stretch it as far as I could I went back and forth between “stiff” and “thin” and it ended up being a bit watery – in fact a whole chunk of the icing fell off at the back en route to our little man’s party.  arg.


And because the cake was so wobbly those cupcakes were dangerously balanced on top… but I still thought they looked better than the little melting “2” that I had made at first!

and you can see where the cake is buckling a little bit just from the weight of it’s own self not being well supported by the silly pudding!

Haha, this one was tasty and cute but suffered a bit from lacking in the basics department.  Next time I build a taller cake like this I’ll definitely stick it together right with buttercream layers and make sure my icing is a proper consistency!

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