Bon Voyage…

Mar 15, 2012


This cake is special and means very much to me.  I took my time and did NOT rush it at the last minute as per my usual style these days… This cake needed to be extra good because how do you send off a BFF and blogging buddy into a new chapter/job/country if not with a cake??!! Yes, it is time for me to say goodbye to Lisa (again) and I used this cake to commemorate the occasion and to hopefully show her that she is special, loved and irreplaceable!


So, hopefully it’s clear that she’s headed to NewZealand represented by the flag, the hills and the sheep!  Everything here is made with Fondant icing with the exception of the buttercream “bon voyage” and dotted line!  What I learned this time around is that my ipad is handy dandy for sizing and tracing things (like the flag!) and that fondant icing really seals in the “freshness” very, very well!!  This cake sat out on the counter for 48-ish hrs whilst took my time decorating it in my free moments.  In this case I was TOTALLY going for looks over taste (haha, yes, I was trying to impress her!) and I had warned everyone that I had no idea what the cake would end up tasting like, but surprise! It turned out to be completely fine.  I would definitely slow things down and do it this way again rather than rushing for “freshness” again.

I don’t know why the only photo I took of the sheep is the one with the dent in it – but there you have it, cute little frolicking sheep!   …I wanted to make sure NOTHING happened to this cake before she got to see it so it rode all the way to our little party with a seatbelt on!  We made it!!

Lisa, you are loved, and you will be very much missed!!

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