R2D2 Cake

Jan 01, 2012


I have the best Dad in the world and it was recently his 60th birthday so I wanted to make something extra cool for him!  I find man-themed cakes difficult, which is probably why this is my first cake for my Dad. (sorry Dad, that’s a lot of years with no cake!!!)  My dad is a starwars fan and so I did a quick search on pinterest for “starwars cake” and landed on a really cool R2D2 cake. (here)  There are some AMAZING starwars cakes out there – especially some 3d ones decorated with fondant, but I thought this one was still very cool and also realistically accomplishable given that I was, again, down to the wire.  And I should say that none of this would have been at all realistic or accomplishable without my handsome and very talented artist and cake-decorator-extraordinaire hubby to help with (all) the details!

This was our method:  I baked a 10×10 square cake – 2 layers, put the layers together with chocolate pudding in between and then stuck it in the freezer for a while.  When it was a bit firmer Adam cut me a template and I cut out the shape of the cake with a big sharp knife.

If I would have had more time I would have put the cut-out cake back in the freezer for a day or so (or even a week in a sealed container) so that it’s raw edges were nice and firm and less crumbly, but in this case I just iced it right away with regular buttercream.  The thicker you can put it on the better for not getting crumbs in but I found that I put it on so thick that I lost the details in the shape and had to put the template back on and go digging for those small edges! I used a wet metal spatula to get the icing as smooth as I could.

Then we put it back in the fridge for a while so the buttercream would get firm and take the details a bit better.  Then it was time for the good stuff!!

He was just a little cake!

We totally cheated and bought wilton tubes of black and blue icing which made the process a bit quicker!

Happy Birthday Dad!!


lisaJanuary 2, 2012 7:12 am

wow, that turned out great, way to maximize strengths in the team!

Stephanie January 03 2012 17:36 pm

Thanks Lise!

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