A Birthday for my Princess

Jan 01, 2012

It seems like I’m always down to the wire these days – especially with 3 sick kids at Christmas – but a birthday is still a birthday!  And a girl needs cake!!

This cake was meant to be the top of a bigger cake, and it was also meant to have a “frilly” buttercream icing effect.  Like this: (Found here. )


I think my first mistake was not making swiss meringue buttercream icing (also found here) in favour of a naturally coloured blackberry icing recipe that I found.  Either way this technique did not end up being as quick and easy as I thought it would be, so, letting myself off the hook (3 year olds are very forgiving!) I just started to empty my icing bag by squeezing it all out (with a leaf tip) onto the top of the cake so I could just spread it out and make it plain.  But as I squeezed I accidentally got this almost-rose-shaped icing that I thought looked pretty fun- so I went with it!



It turned out to be a pretty little cake for my sweet birthday girl!

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