Camp Fire Adventures

Aug 16, 2011

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted a cake (or made a cake for that matter) and that is due mostly to the addition of  another beautiful baby girl to our family!  I’m a little rusty but I had the privilege of making a cake for two of my most favourite people who both had birthdays this weekend!!  So, here’s a question, How old is too old for a birthday party theme?  My husband turned 31 this year and we had some friends over for a bonfire…  and since hubby hasn’t ever gotten a special birthday cake from me (by his own request, haha!) I decided to see if I could make a camp fire cake for him!  I was definitely out of practice – but here’s my attempt at a manly camp fire cake!  It was a graham cracker cake with marshmallow filling and chocolate icing!  (too theme-y??) YUM!

I used marshmallow “fluff” from the grocery store to save me some time on the filling – but I won’t use it again.  It was VERY messy and even though I added icing sugar to stiffen it, it still leaked out of the cake and oozed everywhere.  (not shown here are the cute cupcakes I made too with a marshmallow fluff swirl on top that completely collapsed over night and oozed everywhere! So much for short cuts!

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