An Extra Special Cake

Aug 16, 2011

The other cake I had the privilege of making this weekend was a cake for my dearest LISA!!  How exciting (and a little pressure, haha!) to make a cake for my bestie and blogging buddy!  This cake was inspired by a couple of photos I’d seen of a turquoise party.  I wanted to keep it simple and beautiful and festive – just like Lisa!  Here are some photos of the cake (chocolate and vanilla with vanilla icing, chocolate filling vanilla and fondant) and one of the party (see if you can spot the tiny little cake in the background!)  What a special evening!!

Happy, happy birthday Lise!!


lisaAugust 18, 2011 4:35 pm

thanks so much steph! I know how much work it is to do 1 cake in a weekend, never mind 2! You doing all that and also surprising me with decorations for what was suppose to be a simple dinner is super special to me – I feel loved ☺

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