Tool Box Cake

Apr 05, 2011

My friend and I made this fun old-school tool box cake for her husband’s birthday.  He’s a carpenter who has hand crafted many amazing things for others, so his lovely wife thought it would be nice to make something special for him. We made a chisel, measuring tape and planer to go inside, then added what we hope looks a bit like wood shavings (turns out it is harder to get big curls with white chocolate than we thought).  The edges of the box and the planer are all made with thin sugar cookies we made to size and covered in fondant. Although it worked pretty well, most peices broke in the process at some point, but could be adequately reinforced with icing or stayed together enough once the fondant was on. The tape measure was made with rice crispies, and the chisel with moldable candy, each the covered with fondant. Using bases like these made for relatively easly molding, but the down side was that they were still relatively pliable in their finished state. The handle  is also a sugar cookie which we had initially intended to cover to look like wood, but the chances of it breaking seemed pretty high, so once we got it in we figured we’d just leave it as it was.  In this cake I’m voting the handle as the most likely thing to break before the birthday fun – it is definately of no  functional benefit as  the name might suggest!

Great job with the cake Sheila, and Will, I hope you have a great birthday!


RachelApril 5, 2011 4:05 pm

Looks fantastic!

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