Jr. Mints

Mar 13, 2011

I was on the fence between a running shoe and this for joycee’s birthday, and in the end the simpler idea won out (sorry joycee, but last year your cake fell apart before it left the house, so i thought i’d play it safe this time). This is actually a big brownie rather than cake. I figured with a shape like this a brownie would work pretty well, and brownies are just so dense and moist and wonderful.  Since the shape was simple I thought I’d put a bit more work into the logo. I like working on logos, I did this one the same way i did the CNIB logo by using a very sharp, very tiny knife to cut around a template. The freehand writing could have been a bit more polished – I can work on that for next time. Had I exhibited some self control I could have used actual jr mints on the bottom corner, but I ate them instead so made those out of chocolate – also something I can work on for next time.

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