Summer birthday

Jun 22, 2010

For my brother’s birthday and father’s day my sister-in-law hosted an outdoor BBQ at their lovely home, so I thought it would be nice to bring some simple summer treats. I made 2 mini cakes and some orange and lemon no-bake cheesecakes using the fruit as the dish. It was cute. I’m not sure cute is really his thing…but it worked for the setting. To be honest I was more creative last year. I think it was the third cake I had decorated with fondant, and it looked pretty good Β – here’s a picture…

I hope you had a great birthday Craig!


StephanieJune 23, 2010 2:49 pm

oooooooooooh… I LOVE these!

LiseJune 28, 2010 8:44 pm

the suckers as simple flowers worked well, eh? thanks for the idea! I ended up only buying a few incase it didn’t work, so I made the rest out of chocolate melts on toothpicks πŸ™‚

Stephanie June 29 2010 17:01 pm

I love the colours... It's beautiful!! (or manly? sorry Craig!)

LoriJuly 4, 2010 11:58 am

This looks great! Do you have the recipe for the cheesecakes? Also, how did you make the leaf on the sucker sticks?

lisa September 17 2010 14:53 pm

I made the leaves out of green fondant, but I don't remember how I made the cheesecake, some combination of whip cream, cream cheese, the juices from the lemons and oranges, and the corresponding flavour of jello. I kind of made it up, and the lemon ones were a bit too lemon-y :)

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