Adventures in Chocolate

Jun 13, 2010

So, I wanted to try something new… hmmmm…  this one came with a bit of a learning curve!  This cake for Katie’s birthday is a chocolate devil’s food cake (thank you Martha!) with chocolate mousse and a white chocolate “collar.”  YUM!  (although I didn’t actually get to taste this one because it’s sugar free month.  arg.)

My Hubby always tells me to measure twice and cut once – I don’t like doing that because it takes too long!  But, he’s right and I should have done that here.  I carefully measured out a template on parchment paper but forgot to double check and ended up needing to patch it together.

Anyway, I started with the orange polka dots, waited for them to dry and then poured the white chocolate and spread it out over top.  The next thing I learned was to spread carefully!!  Some of the orange polka-dots smudged…

I waited a little while until the white chocolate set and then wrapped the collar around.  The third thing I learned was that it hardens quickly when it touches a cold cake, so next time I need to work faster!  As a result mine’s not a perfect circle, but I think I’ve got the hang of it for next time!  Then I filled it with chocolate mousse and topped it with K A T I E.  The last thing I learned was that chocolate letters DON’T stand up in chocolate mousse!  All in all a really fun cake to try.  I learned a lot from this one and can’t wait to try again (which I think I might do next weekend!).


LiseJune 29, 2010 12:52 pm

Steph, do you think it would work to use whole chocolate melts as the dots, or would they be too thick?

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