Soccer Cupcakes

May 21, 2010

These Soccer cupcakes were for 11 year old Alex! Lisa helped me brainstorm these and that was really fun for me!  Two heads are better than one!  The “grass” cupcakes are buttercream icing on vanilla cupcakes with foil wrapped chocolate balls stuck in with toothpicks.  The “soccer ball” cupcakes are fondant with black buttercream.  The banner and little jersey were fondant too.  I was so nervous (as I always am when I get an “order”) waiting for them to be picked up, but when I opened the box for her she squealed with delight!  That’s what makes it all worth it for me!  I LOVE birthdays!!

The next couple of pictures are of our new logo!  Lisa and I are really excited about using it (it will be added to the blog when hubby gets some time!) and here it is in action:


Jenn RekkerMay 21, 2010 11:24 pm

Those are awesome! Nicely done. Did you happen to see Canada AM a couple of weeks ago as they had a couple in from a business who also did whacky cupcake things – like a yellow duck using a timbit for the head! And lo mein noodle dish with broccoli on a cupcake as well. That was not with fondant but pretty cool as well. Possiblities are endless. enjoy creating!

Ann-Marie JohnsonMay 22, 2010 1:26 am

These are fantastic!!! Rita told me about your web site and I think I will just have to order some for my little Bella’s birthday in June. I will be in touch with you. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

Stephanie May 22 2010 16:35 pm

I'd love to do something for her birthday! ooooh, my mind is already turning with ideas! email me!

HannahOctober 27, 2010 2:46 pm

Those are some pretty sweet looking cupcakes! They would have been perfect for my daughter’s soccer team party! Great Job!

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