Baby Blocks

Apr 22, 2010

I made some little block cakes for a friend’s baby shower this weekend. There were 7 blocks total which spelled  ‘baby’ and the last name of the excited soon-to-be parents. I made 3 blue which were chocolate inside, 2 pink which were white cake and 2 yellow and green covered carrot cakes.

It was a really fun project – if you’d like to try it here’s what I did:

I started a couple of weeks ago making all the little extras to go on the sides of the blocks, as well as the squares for the sides (7cmx7cm), and froze them all. Then this weekend,  I baked sheet cakes and cut them into squares with exactly the same dimensions as the fondant squares I had made previously, each about 2cm tall. I stacked them three layers high, with icing between each (I added a thin layer on the top if necessary to make 7cm). I then coated each in icing, and stuck the fondant squares (now hard) onto the sides.  This all worked surprisingly well actually, the only glitch was when I decided to finish off the edges; that took a bit longer than expected, and it was tricky to line them all up.  I really think the borders finished them off nicely though, so I’d do it again.  Here are a bunch of pictures of all the blocks – i think it would have been pretty cute to stack the blocks, but the words only made sense if they were side by side because some blocks had 2 letters – next time!


Kristie WillmsApril 23, 2010 9:43 pm

Hey Lisa, this is amazing, I didn’t know you could freeze fondant… do you just use marshmallows and icing sugar for your fondant?
Awesome! I love following this blog!

lisa May 23 2010 01:13 am

this was the first time I had frozen the fondant, so i was kinda worried when I took it out, but it worked really well

i use marshmallows and icing sugar, and then add just a bit of water, clear vanilla and butter flavour

RachelApril 28, 2010 1:14 am

Wowie! I love them.

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