Egg-Free experiments

Apr 06, 2010

In our family at Easter we (we being a loose term for Mom and Mom-in-law) make a sweet bread topped with icing and sprinkles called Paska.  Since my son can’t have eggs I thought I’d try to make him some egg-free cupcakes that look like the Paska that Nana makes.  It didn’t really work out that well… The cupcakes never really got baked in the centre and then they sunk and cracked when I took them out of the oven.  Thankfully my little guy is only 3 and didn’t really notice a difference!!  He was very happy to be able to participate in dessert, although he did keep asking for “the big ones that Nana made.”  So, on to a new egg-free recipe next time!!  here’s how they turned out… it was convincing enough to a 3 year old but over all, not so great!

I think it blended in well enough!!


Jenn RekkerApril 6, 2010 8:04 pm

Curious minds like mine want to know…what did you use instead of eggs? I have had success with ground flax and water. but these don’t look dark enough for flax. I am sure they still tasted great. Way to go mom and make the effort!

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