Baby Cakes

Mar 05, 2010

I wanted to try something new for my sister’s baby shower.  This was a new one all around for me!!  I’d never made mini cupcakes before, I’ve never made chocolate figures before and I’ve never used “stabalized whip cream.” I decided to go with key lime flavoured cake because I’m getting a tad bored of chocolate and vanilla (it turned out to be mostly lemon-y – but still good!)  I thought whip cream would taste better with citrus than regular buttercream icing, but I had to figure out how to make it stiff enough to hold the chocolate hearts and melt-proof too!  At first I tried adding geletin but that bombed…  without wanting to waste too much whip cream experimenting I tried adding instant pudding next and it worked!   So after I mastered the art of “drawing” little chocolate hearts here’s how they turned out. This was definitely a fun one!  Baby Cakes for a Baby Shower!

(also seen in this photo, the new cake plate Lisa gave me for my birthday!! It arrived with a pink ribbon, but I changed it to blue in honour of my new nephew!)

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