First Birthday

Sep 18, 2013

My little neighbour turned one, and his parents organized an amazing birthday cake buffet with six deliciously diverse cakes spelling his name. I was assigned the ‘R’.  It was so fun, because 1) I was given the pre-baked cake, so no measuring, baking, or cleaning pans 2) There was no humidity, so the fondant did exactly what I wanted it to, and 3) The little characters just turned out so cute with barely any effort. First try cuteness is so much more satisfying than tenth try cuteness.  Such a fun cake.

Crafty Brew

Sep 18, 2013

This is a cake thought up and collaborated on by a good friend for her husband. He likes to make his own craft beer but was in a bit of a rough patch with it, so we thought we’d make him some personal label to inspire the process. The other bottles doubled as stability and a bit of a ‘one of these things does not belong here’ game. It was the first fondant cake I’ve made that was completely hoof-less (marshmallow free) for the vegans among us – it was not bad, but I have to admit a bit of gelatin would have been my friend. The quest will continue for appropriate substitutes. Shortly after its consumption the actual craft brew came out better than ever, which I think can be counted as a cake-inspired success.


Birch Bark Wedding Cake

Jun 23, 2013

This cake was for a wedding of two friends of mine. The request was for a tiered cake that looked like bits of birch trees. I used brown fondant circles for the tops of each layer, and strips of white fondant for the bark. Then I painted the details on with food colouring – I think leaving the edges looking rough, and painting any unfinished edges dark helped a lot.  I made some butterflies so that it went with cakes from the engagement party (posted earlier), and a few little swirly leaves to add some colour.  It was a cute cake – and a beautiful wedding all around!


Potted Plant

Jun 23, 2013

My flatmate loves gardening and has done a lovely job growing all kinds of edible treats. For her birthday I thought a sugary potted plant to balance her contribution to our house’s general nutritional was appropriate.


60th Birthday Gulf Style

Apr 25, 2012


Inspired by this (real life) car:



This cake was for my Father-in-law for his 60th birthday!  He is a race fan and I wanted to make a cake that he would appreciate but had hard time coming up with inspiration that wasn’t more appropriate for a six year old.  But, my handy hubby saved the day again by providing this inspirational Gulf Racing paint scheme (and actually came up with the design of the cake too!)


This cake was really big so I decided to do it properly and stacked the cake using dowels in the bottom layer: I measured the hight of the cake and adjusted the measurement to be a few millimeters below the surface of the cake. Then I taped them together and cut them (to make sure they were all exactly the same size). Then I rinsed and dried them before putting them into the cake.  (These dowels are made by Wilton and are available everywhere you can buy cake supplies.)





Then I covered the dowels back over with icing and continued with the fondant as usual:



 The small cake on top is supported by a small cardboard circle lined with parchment paper.  This method takes a bit more time but for a heavier, moister cake recipe it’s worth it not to have the top cake start to sink and the bottom cake start to bulge and get mis-shaped. (you can see a bit of this happening on the photos I took of Lisa’s Bon Voyage cake here.)  Over all it was a success and I hope it showed my Father-in-law how much we appreciate him!



Mar 28, 2012


This was a fun little cake for my nephew’s 2nd birthday!  It was fun and turned out cute …but was just one of those cakes that had a few technical issues!  This cake had 3 layers and I used pudding in between the layers which seemed to make the whole cake kind of jiggly and not very stable.  The next issue was the buttercream icing… in an effort to stretch it as far as I could I went back and forth between “stiff” and “thin” and it ended up being a bit watery – in fact a whole chunk of the icing fell off at the back en route to our little man’s party.  arg.


And because the cake was so wobbly those cupcakes were dangerously balanced on top… but I still thought they looked better than the little melting “2” that I had made at first!

and you can see where the cake is buckling a little bit just from the weight of it’s own self not being well supported by the silly pudding!

Haha, this one was tasty and cute but suffered a bit from lacking in the basics department.  Next time I build a taller cake like this I’ll definitely stick it together right with buttercream layers and make sure my icing is a proper consistency!


Bon Voyage…

Mar 15, 2012


This cake is special and means very much to me.  I took my time and did NOT rush it at the last minute as per my usual style these days… This cake needed to be extra good because how do you send off a BFF and blogging buddy into a new chapter/job/country if not with a cake??!! Yes, it is time for me to say goodbye to Lisa (again) and I used this cake to commemorate the occasion and to hopefully show her that she is special, loved and irreplaceable!


So, hopefully it’s clear that she’s headed to NewZealand represented by the flag, the hills and the sheep!  Everything here is made with Fondant icing with the exception of the buttercream “bon voyage” and dotted line!  What I learned this time around is that my ipad is handy dandy for sizing and tracing things (like the flag!) and that fondant icing really seals in the “freshness” very, very well!!  This cake sat out on the counter for 48-ish hrs whilst took my time decorating it in my free moments.  In this case I was TOTALLY going for looks over taste (haha, yes, I was trying to impress her!) and I had warned everyone that I had no idea what the cake would end up tasting like, but surprise! It turned out to be completely fine.  I would definitely slow things down and do it this way again rather than rushing for “freshness” again.

I don’t know why the only photo I took of the sheep is the one with the dent in it – but there you have it, cute little frolicking sheep!   …I wanted to make sure NOTHING happened to this cake before she got to see it so it rode all the way to our little party with a seatbelt on!  We made it!!

Lisa, you are loved, and you will be very much missed!!


Tinker Bell

Feb 20, 2012

This was for my very precious niece’s 3rd birthday. I made all the flowers and butterflies first, then let them dry and harden.

Then I cut out a Tinker Bell shape from white fondant and painted it with food colouring, then added sparkles.

Then I put it all together on top of a little house cake (using 2 thin chocolate bars to allow the roof to overhang over the base of the house)

I realized when it was all together that Tinker Bell won’t even come close to fitting in the door, but I think that’s ok.  The birthday girl liked it even if it didn’t make complete sense.


Engagement party

Jan 05, 2012

Two amazing people in my life are getting married this summer.  A few weeks ago they hosted an engagement/ housewarming/ Christmas party to celebrate. It was so nice to spend time before the event thinking about how much I appreciate both of them while making these treats!

In terms of techniques, the butterflies were the trickiest bit. I ended up hand cutting, painting and molding each, which in the end took less time and had more impact than anticipated, which was a nice surprise.

The event itself was super fun – great food and great conversation as expected with them. The two of them are so good together, and I’m lucky to have each of them in my life!


R2D2 Cake

Jan 01, 2012


I have the best Dad in the world and it was recently his 60th birthday so I wanted to make something extra cool for him!  I find man-themed cakes difficult, which is probably why this is my first cake for my Dad. (sorry Dad, that’s a lot of years with no cake!!!)  My dad is a starwars fan and so I did a quick search on pinterest for “starwars cake” and landed on a really cool R2D2 cake. (here)  There are some AMAZING starwars cakes out there – especially some 3d ones decorated with fondant, but I thought this one was still very cool and also realistically accomplishable given that I was, again, down to the wire.  And I should say that none of this would have been at all realistic or accomplishable without my handsome and very talented artist and cake-decorator-extraordinaire hubby to help with (all) the details!

This was our method:  I baked a 10×10 square cake – 2 layers, put the layers together with chocolate pudding in between and then stuck it in the freezer for a while.  When it was a bit firmer Adam cut me a template and I cut out the shape of the cake with a big sharp knife.

If I would have had more time I would have put the cut-out cake back in the freezer for a day or so (or even a week in a sealed container) so that it’s raw edges were nice and firm and less crumbly, but in this case I just iced it right away with regular buttercream.  The thicker you can put it on the better for not getting crumbs in but I found that I put it on so thick that I lost the details in the shape and had to put the template back on and go digging for those small edges! I used a wet metal spatula to get the icing as smooth as I could.

Then we put it back in the fridge for a while so the buttercream would get firm and take the details a bit better.  Then it was time for the good stuff!!

He was just a little cake!

We totally cheated and bought wilton tubes of black and blue icing which made the process a bit quicker!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

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